Bamboos are not all Alike- part 2- Mid-size Bamboo

Angelmist Bamboo- Dendrocalamus amoenus var. minor

In part 2 we'll look at mid-size bamboo types for smaller gardens such as townhomes, condominiums, apartments, and space-challenged  areas. While many people think of bamboos as hulking towering plants ( see previous blog), there are many modest species perfectly suited for smaller gardens, with mature growth under 25 feet. In the bamboo world, these classify as mid-size plants. Once again I recommend that you choose a non-running variety, unless you wish to make a large forest in a small area. The tightly clumping varieties shown here are worthy of almost any garden, but be prepared for a slightly higher price tag than the fast-growing, easy-to-propagate running types.                                                                                                                                                          

Golden Bali Bamboo- Schizostachyum brachycladum

 There are several genera and numerous species and their cultivars within this size group. Some are tropical but many are cold-hardy, some of which can tolerate the midwestern deep freeze. For those who live in Florida, a great many mid-size species can be grown well with some care.

Caring for this group of bamboos is easy enough.Most of this size group of bamboos needs average landscape planting conditions, but do require ample moisture to grow their best. Heavy mulching and routine fertilizing with low-analysis organic fertilizers will bring out the best characters in bamboo. Many people will try to grow bamboo at maximum speed by overfertilizing their plants, but this practice leads to soft growth and shallow roots. Slower, controlled growth makes for a better bamboo plant. Make sure the plants have plenty of root space at planting time so the plants can make the maximum root ball while they                                                                                     establish.

Slender Weaver Bamboo - Bambusa textilis var. gracilis
 The most important aspect of bamboo growing is
to choose the right plant for your needs and space. Knowing what conditions you have and  what kind of  grower you are will mandate which species you should choose. Of course, there is a bamboo society to coach you with the space and skill needed to grow every species for your climate.

 Craig Morell
  Pinecrest Gardens

Bambusa glaucescens

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