Proper Tree Pruning is Time and Money Well Spent

How To Prune a Large Limb
For homeowners and businesses alike, if there are trees on the property, they'll need pruning at some stage in their lives, sometimes routinely as a maintenance detail. Trees and people are alike in a few basic ways ( no, I'm not a tree-hugger). Consider that trees are not all alike, behave differently as youngsters than as adults, and knowing about them makes caring for them that much easier. Let me address some of the basics:

1. Very few trees need to be "thinned out" as part of routine maintenance.
2. The process called 'hat-racking' is illegal and butchers trees. Period, no exceptions.
3. There is no acceptable arborist practice called "hurricane pruning" on any tree or palm. 
4. Tree can heal when the cuts are clean and made with sharp proper tools
5. Use the right tool for the right size cut e.g. use a sharp hand saw on branches over 1 inch thick, not a hand
6. Understanding good placement and establishment of young trees helps a lot with maintaining older trees.
7. When in doubt about cutting trees near utility lines, call any utility company. The companies are interested to keep their lines intact rather than have them cut accidentally.They'll get an arborist to work on the problem.
8. many municipalities have a certified arborist on staff who can guide you with tree trimming.
9. Certified arborists cost more, but the investment in well-pruned trees is worth the extra cost.
10. Trees are investments in your property and your community. They should be cared for as such !
A Good Practice

Poor Practices


  1. Hey Craig, great post! Talk about simple and explanatory, 3 picture examples a kindergartner could explain and a numbered list of the basics of tree pruning, very useful - keep it up!

    This post was especially helpful because it's going into arboreal territory, a subject that doesn't immediately come to mind for most people when they think of maintaining their landscape and thus should be covered more, plus pruning is an important topic that i think is also a bit neglected, looking at the very large tree in my front yard that has been allowed to grow pretty thickly over the years.

    The site has changed and improved dramatically, going from a solid color background to an actual photo was a very nice change, and after reading through these posts I can't wait to get back to work!

  2. Thanks for the positive feedback ! Much appreciated, and I'm glad to see that someone is benefiting from the information. I hope that with enough of these basic start-up tips, people might start looking at their properties in new ways, with a renewed interest in boosting property maintenance. There is so much good advice to be had, so many societies which will help, and such a great climate for tropical plants, that I really hope I can spark a gentle revolution in growing great landscapes. See you soon,

    Craig Morell

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