New garden section added at Pinecrest Gardens

It is always a pleasure to create new garden sections, especially for public viewing. One of the newest garden sections here is at the base of the Lakeview Terrace overlook, just west of the Splash and Play area. It has been recently renovated, finished just last month. It showcases some of my favorite groups of plants, like Alocasias, cycads, new Ficus species, crotons, Calatheas, evergreen plumerias, and some new flowering plants. This area really highlights one of our renovation methods: take out damaged plants or weed species, and replace them with newer selections of plants which capture the feel of the old garden, but without the unwanted habits.

For instance, we removed a crippled Weeping Fig ( Ficus benjamina), and replaced it with a far-slowing growing Philippine Ficus, which bears a great resemblance to a Weeping Willow. There are SO many species options available to us. I invite you to see the area, as well as the rest of the gardens !I

Craig Morell
Pinecrest Gardens

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